Malinda Kav Overview

Malinda Kavetschanky is passionate about developing long lasting relationships with her clients. Since working with people is a must, photographing them is even better! Malinda enjoys photographing high school seniors, families, maternity, and fun photo shoots like pinup or fitness too!



Malinda has had so much fun making pictures with high school seniors! Those boys who don't really want to be in front of the camera can be a challenge, but hey- she is always up for a challenge! Capturing this time in their lives is so key to parents as they are getting ready to head off to college; she will do what it takes to make the high-schooler comfortable in front of the camera.



Capturing many of the moments in time as families grow and the kids get older is so important!  Whether you are just starting your family and want a maternity shoot, have a new baby and want newborn images, or want to capture family images of your family each year, Malinda can help. Without documenting these special times, there won't be anything to pass down to future generations.  Don't forget to print your images too, having them on your computer doesn't do any good:)

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Fun Photos and Headshots

Do you have any other fun ideas you'd like to photograph?  What about a pinup shoot with your friends or bachelorette party?  Are you a fitness buff and want to document this point in time that you've worked so hard to obtain?  Do you need a headshot for your LinkedIn profile or business card?  Let's get creative and have fun!